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I have a ticket for next year, yay!


Please can someone:

a. Bake me a rainbow cake - like my icon.

b. Forcibly remove Candy Crush Saga from my phone/macbook.



I had a dream

I was in a reality show where I was vying for the attention of David Bowie. I got through to the last five. I was really friendly with another girl and a gay guy. The girl and I wanted to share a bedroom with the gay guy. He looked a lot like one of the dancers in Smash. I bloomin' well woke up before David fell for me though, dammit.

In other unrelated news, I'm still waiting for my MRI, the wheels of the NHS run very slowly apparently. Now I could take this as good news (they're not that worried) or bad news (it's too late and they don't care) so I'm just trying to ignore it all and have a bit of fun!


Me whinging and whining

So I've had some health issues this year. I had two non malignant tumours removed from my breast on the 8th of Feb (four days before my birthday). Didn't know they were benign for a week so that was stressful. Then a routine blood test showed elevated liver enzymes so I had an ultrasound and now I have 'shadows' on my liver. So I'm waiting for an MRI. I'm a bit stressed about this all to be honest, I had given up chocolate for lent, but I've just broken that by eating an Easter egg. whoops sorry. I feel a bit sick actually. Hopefully the 'shadows' are cysts but who knows?

Thank you for my valentine's prezzies

Well as a single 'girl' (I use that term loosely) I didn't expect anything for Valentine's day. (Unless Jensen suddenly came to his senses and decided he wanted an old bird instead of the fit young one he has at the moment). But I noticed on my profile that spn_j2fan and lustmordred have sent me sparkly hearts. Thank you so much, you've made an old girl really happy. xx

Totally stolen from calamitycrow

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

1.How to disappear completely and never be found (early version)- Radiohead
2.Everybody Hurts - REM
3.House of the Rising Sun - Muse
4.Sullivan Street - Counting Crows
5..New Years Day - U2
6.Beer Bong Song -NOFX
7.Atoms for Peace - Thom Yorke
8.Music - John Miles
9.Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promises - The Avett Brother
10.Let it Be - The Beatles
11.I remember California - REM
12.Rain King - Counting Crows
13.For All The Cows - Foo Fighters
14.Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? - Rod Stewart (oh the shame)
15.Between My Legs _ Rufus Wainwright
16.Tell Her About It - Billy Joel
17.59th Street Bridge Street Song - Simon and Garfunkle
18.Natural Woman - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
19.Billy the Kid - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
20.For You - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

So what does this say about me? I think it says I'm an old crustie and I like my guitar music!
Happy Christmas everyone, I hope santa brings you something nice.  If you don't celebrate Christmas then have a fab, relaxing day, watch some trashy TV maybe eat something naughty (I know I will be) xx


Writer's Block: Flashback films

Who is your favorite 80’s moviestar?
Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink he was just so quirky, funny and vulnerable, I just want to cuddle him.  I also Loved Andrew McCarthy but I wanted to do more naughty things than cuddling with him, tum te tum!

Dreamwidth Invite code

 Brrr It's really cold, and slippy, took my life in my hands coming home from  work today.  

Anyhow I have a Dreamwitdth invite if anyone is interested

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